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Dallmayr Prodomo Ground Coffee 17.6oz/500g

Dallmayr Prodomo Ground Coffee 17.6oz/500g

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For generations, Dallmayr Prodomo has been synonymous with great coffee taste. Even today, many individuals continue to swear by "their Prodomo," a testament to its enduring quality since 1964.

Discover a balanced blend of premium coffee from selected highland regions in Asia, Africa, and South and Central America in Dallmayr Prodomo. The blend features the distinct taste of handpicked Arabica coffee from the fertile southern provinces of Ethiopia.

Composition:100% Arabica
Roast: Medium
Aroma: Gentle aroma
Flavor: Hints of caramel and chocolate.
Packaging: Bag

Imported from Europe
Preparation: This medium grind coffee is suitable for most coffee preparations including drip, pour over, or French press. You can also steep the French press in the fridge overnight for a full-bodied morning cold brew.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Keith S.
Dallmayr - Amazing unique flavor

Have never had anything like this coffee, very well refined and the unique flavor is very rich, smooth and wonderful. Just slightly bolder flavor than most, however not bitter or dark.
I guess for comparison it's similar in strength to Illy but richer and with a completely different taste.
Try it, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Very good!

We have been trying different coffee brands since finding Enjoy Better Coffee. Started by getting a free trial of this with one of my orders and ended up liking it more than the coffee I purchased.

Best coffee! Try it with a vacuum brewer!

This is the best coffee I've ever had. Smooth, strong, and low acid. I picked up a vintage Sunbeam Coffeemaster vacuum brewer, and it makes the coffee even better. All steel, no paper filters needed. A bit more effort to clean, since the grounds are not contained so you have to scoop them out into the trash, but soooo worth it. Since they are vintage, they are also made much better than today's coffee makers. Quality and built to last. It does take 12 - 14 minutes to complete the brewing cycle, so get a timer or remote control to turn it on in the morning. You can find Coffeemasters on ebay. If the gasket between the two pots is bad, sells replacements. You won't be sorry if you get a Coffeemaster! Google "Sunbeam Coffeemaster" for more info on why they are so great!

the best coffee

Since 1979 I am a faithful customer of Dallmayr, I still have not found better coffee.

William C.
The finest coffee

Look no further, this is the finest coffee for a combination of flavor, aroma, and overall smoothness in drinking. I love a good strong cup the last legal brew, so this one is perfect.

I have worked and traveled all over this world and have yet to find a finer tasting coffee. Also, being a person that has a severe issue with Acid Reflux, this is one brew that I don't have problems with. The Acidity level in this coffee is low and the bitterness is minimal, so you also don't need as much sugar.

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    Light Roast

    Roasted for the shortest amount of time, light roast beans retain a higher acidity, resulting in a bright, nuanced flavor with hints of fruit and floral notes. The body is lighter, with a subtle sweetness. Light roasts are preferred by those who appreciate the natural characteristics of the bean origin.

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  • Medium Roast Coffee Details

    Medium Roast

    This is the most popular roast level, striking a balance between acidity and bitterness. The beans develop a richer, fuller body with a smoother taste. Notes of caramel, chocolate, and nuttiness often emerge. Medium roast coffees are versatile and work well for a variety of brewing methods.

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    Dark Roast

    Roasted for the longest duration, dark roast beans are characterized by a bold, intense flavor with a lower acidity. The caramelization process creates a smoky, bittersweet taste with notes of dark chocolate and char. They have a heavier body and are often preferred by those who enjoy a stronger brew.

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