The world of Davidoff is defined by fine, high-quality details. Since the company's establishment by Zino Davidoff, its ethos has remained the same; "This is where enjoyment is lived, this is where exclusiveness is a real pleasure in the sense of savoir-vivre." Zino Davidoff, a Swiss-Ukrainian entrepreneur, was fueled by curiosity and thrilled by discovery and adventure. After he finished his studies for his baccalaureate degree, he fulfilled his dream to travel extensively through South and Central America. His journey had a profound and lasting impact on the rest of his life.

Zino and his store

Born in 1906 in Kyiv, Ukraine, Zino spent most of his childhood growing up in Geneva, Switzerland after his family emigrated and where his father began a small business in 1911. He took over his father's business when he returned to Geneva from his South and Central American travels in 1930. His leadership brought much success to the company, and within 25 years his name was internationally renowned. His store had a long list of prestigious clients that included actors, writers, and politicians.

As notable as his business expertise, was Zino's zest for life. He turned the world into his playground; traveling across continents and cultures in a life-embracing, never-ending quest for the best. His conviction was that true luxury is experiencing beauty and the ultimate pleasure in every single moment of life. He mined every corner of the world for the most exceptional quality and uncompromising craftsmanship, believing that only what’s authentic, true, and outstanding is good enough. Ultimately, he created a visionary empire true to his ideals.

Beyond riches, he sought enrichment of the soul and the senses as an artisan of the life well-lived. Beyond borders, he expanded his mind and cultivated his expertise. Beyond mortality, he left a legendary legacy branded with his free-spirited pioneering, infused with his intuition, tenacity, and passion for excellence. He remained loyal to his demanding and innovative principles, which built the brand and created the myth of Davidoff. This is not only the heritage bestowed upon the Davidoff brand by Zino, it is the map that continues to guide the company on its quest forward.

Cup of Davidoff Coffee

Coffee was one of Zino's greatest passions. He began each day with one or two espressos. Savoring the moment, having an eye for ultimate quality and a sense of the aesthetically pleasing are the characteristics which make the Davidoff brand stand out. The term "Grande Cuvée" refers to a wine blend made from a variety of prestigious vintages. As with these exceptional wines, Davidoff Café Grande Cuvée is a masterful blend of different coffee beans from various selected growing regions. His many years of experience and the extensive knowledge and passion for coffee set his compositions apart from every other coffee in the world and guarantee consistent, top quality.

Excellence based in expertise, vision, and passion is the core of the Davidoff brand. Finding and fusing quality, craftsmanship, and luxury together from every corner of the world is the company's never-ending, dynamic quest. Davidoff Café is about far more than just a cup of coffee. Its aroma and flavor celebrate the moment as a sensual experience. Anyone enjoying Davidoff Café will always remember it – and where they enjoyed the experience. Across borders and beyond boundaries, Davidoff gathers the best the world has to offer, delivering on its uncompromising promise of excellence, quality, and craftsmanship. It is a holistic approach that unites all product categories with one characteristic identity – the belief that pleasure in an object of beauty combined with the highest quality and craftsmanship intensifies one's sense of living fully.

Davidoff Luxury Items

The Zino Davidoff Group, founded in 1980, is a Swiss-based family business that manufactures exclusive Timepieces, Writing Instruments and Leather Goods for a sophisticated clientele in addition to prestige Fragrances, Eyewear, Cognac and Coffee. The spirit of Zino Davidoff lives on within the company as a constant source of inspiration for everything from product development to marketing and communication. The principles of the company are clear: Products bearing the Davidoff brand must represent the finest quality, style, authenticity, honesty and positive lifestyle embraced by Zino. These principles are clear from the time the aromas of a freshly opened pack of coffee are released, down to when the last drops of coffee are sipped from the cup.

Although the coffee production portion of the company was taken over by Tchibo; a world-renowned coffee manufacturer in its own right; Davidoff remains inspired by Zino. It continues to produce high quality products and, since 2006, has had the fortune of being distributed further throughout the world by one of the largest and most popular global coffee producers. Today, the Davidoff brand resonates throughout the world as one of the ultimate touchstones for exclusivity. At the source of this success story lies the passion of the founder himself: Zino Davidoff.


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