The mission of Pellini Caffé is to dedicate love and passion to their work in an effort to satisfy the requirements of consumers, helping to make every moment of relaxation a special, unique experience.

Pellini Factory Verona

Pellini's focus on the consumer and on the quality of their coffee has enabled the company to create a true coffee culture since their establishment in 1922. The highly personalized production process Pellini uses takes place entirely in Italy in the company's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Verona.

Today, Pellini Caffé is a gourmet coffee roaster with a global presence. Pellini Caffé is not only a world leader in the coffee and espresso industry, but also a premier source of all natural, kosher, and ISO certified coffee. An environmentally-friendly company, it is renowned for its high-quality, gourmet espresso. Pellini’s awards, recognitions, and certifications are a testament to the company’s dedication to producing the best of the best. Pellini Caffé is the amalgamation of Italy’s passion for living and its affinity for the finer indulgences in life. The high-end coffee roaster has won numerous tasting and advertising awards and earned coveted quality certifications, making it without question Particolare e Inconfondibile (“Unique and Unmistakable”).

Pellini Espresso

In addition to earning many certifications, Pellini has the highest D&B rating possible, enabling it to purchase the top-tier coffee beans on the green market today. In addition to the scrutiny of internal and external expert tasting panels, Pellini products undergo strict quality assurance quality testing to validate the perfection of each and every batch. Pellini’s awards, recognitions, and certifications are a testament to the company’s dedication to producing the best of the best.

The perfect cup of espresso is a symphony of harmonious flavors and savory aromas. Pellini is proud to offer the most exquisite espresso you have ever known. Pellini Caffe, in Verona, Italy, is a joint stock company whose objective is importing, roasting and packaging coffee. Their constant growth has helped the company become an integral part of the Italian roasting industry over the years, placing itself in the top in terms of volume and turnover and is now ranked as the 5th largest coffee producer. The genuineness of Pellini products is evident in the attention of each step in the production process; from the experts who hand select the best Arabica beans in the world to the constant sensory product analysis made with the Panel Test (Pellini is one of a few in Italy to adopt this rigorous method), Pellini brings to its consumers a truly unique and unmistakable award-winning coffee.

Pellini Factory

Commitment and passion are at the heart of each of Pellini's production steps, beginning with the selection of high-quality coffee directly in the country of origin. The roasting cycle is conducted at a controlled temperature and tailored to each blend, right up to the grinding process, which is calibrated according to the type of use. Cutting-edge equipment is used to perform constant checks all along the production line. Pellini Caffè S.p.A. was one of the first Italian companies to introduce a strict quality check system, which includes sensory product analysis carried out by a team of trained tasters and judges.

The range of Pellini blends was developed to satisfy the senses of people who love to treat themselves to an authentic coffee experience every single day. Pellini coffee is a daily pleasure, enjoyed in more than 30 countries worldwide.


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