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Founded in 1949 by Max Herz and his business partner, Carl Tchilinghiryan, Tchibo has been synonymous with freshness and quality in the coffee market for over 65 years. Originally a coffee mail-order firm, it has evolved into an multinational company and operates in many more business sectors than the traditional selling of coffee. Over the years, Tchibo has systematically expanded its range and distribution paths, ensuring diversity and quality the world over with strong brands. Over the years, Tchibo has consistently expanded its range and number of sales channels. Its strong brands guarantee variety and quality worldwide. Tchibo's goal is to offer its customers the best quality coffee and a unique coffee experience.

In 1949, Hamburg native Max Herz, a merchant by training, and his business partner Carl Tchiling Hiryan, lay the foundations for today's Tchibo Group. Their business idea of sending roasted coffee to customers by mail revolutionizes the coffee market. Tchibo was very innovative even back then: customers could choose between having their coffee packed in tins or sewn into pouches made of handkerchiefs or tea towels. The name Tchibo is derived from the words Tchiling and the German for ‘bean’ (‘Bohne’).

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Starting in 1952, Tchibo magazine is published monthly with the latest fashion tips, entertaining stories, recipes for tight budgets, clever sewing patterns, novels and beauty tips, as well as horoscopes. The magazine, unique in its field for many years, is enthusiastically snapped up. In 1955, the first Tchibo store opens shop in Hamburg, Germany and, by 1958, there were 77 in Germany.

In 1965 Max Herz passed away, and the company was taken over by his two sons. They worked to expand the Tchibo brand and, by 1991, Tchibo expanded into Central and Eastern Europe, opening offices in Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Britain. By 1995, the brand also expanded to include Tchibo Poland, and stores opened in St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia.

In classic roasted coffee, Tchibo is represented in all market segments, from decaffeinated to strong espresso. The takeover of the German coffee retailer Eduscho in 1997 expanded Tchibo's coffee range, adding the Gala von Eduscho brand. Eduscho is a label that has been dedicated to producing coffee of exceptional quality for over 70 years. Founded in 1924 by Eduard Schopf, a merchant in Bremen, the company still stands for unique coffee taste and high quality through the use of the best coffee beans available and a special roasting method.

Tchibo Machine

With its wealth of experience, Tchibo has impressive expertise when it comes to coffee. It brings the vast world of coffee to life: from its turbulent history, to the careful planting of coffee plantations and the processing of the coffee beans, and the many ways of preparing it. Today, Tchibo has over 12,200 international employees. It boasts over 680 Tchibo shops in Germany alone, and an additional 360 shops in international locations. Tchibo continues to pride itself on innovation to bring delight to coffee lovers around the world.


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