Black Tea Cup

Classic Tea

When it comes to tea, "classic black tea" refers to the core black tea varieties known for their robust flavor, rich color, and energizing properties. These unflavored black teas stand as the foundation upon which flavored black teas and black tea blends are built.
While all classic black teas share some core characteristics, the world offers a delightful variety:
English Breakfast Tea: This quintessential morning tea boasts a full-bodied and robust flavor, perfect for starting your day. It often blends various black tea origins to create a strong and satisfying cup.
Assam Tea: Hailing from India's Assam region, this black tea is known for its malty taste, strong aroma, and brisk character.
Ceylon Tea: Sri Lankan black tea, also known as Ceylon tea, offers a brighter and more delicate flavor profile compared to some other classic black teas. It can have subtle citrusy or floral notes.
Darjeeling Tea: Often referred to as the "Champagne of Teas," Darjeeling black tea is prized for its muscatel flavor, delicate aroma, and lighter body.

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