Ueli Prager - Movenpick Founder


With the Mövenpick brand and its restaurants, Swiss catering pioneer, Ueli Prager, redefined the term “best taste” in 1948 – and with his legacy he continues to do so to this day. Mövenpick of Switzerland uses only a special blend of extremely high-quality coffee beans that are prepared following an original Swiss recipe. The very rich and flavorful coffee beans are roasted under careful temperature control to provide a distinctive and great taste. Mövenpick has been perfecting the art of coffee preparation for over 50 years and uses that experience and expertise to roast its beans to perfection. The intense taste experience from a cup of Mövenpick Gold coffee is created through the harmonious blend of arabica and robusta beans. Enjoy the aroma and convenience of this instant Swiss coffee, knowing that you’ve got a cup of the highest-quality coffee on the market.

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