Mokaflor, a cornerstone of Italian coffee roasting for over seven decades, is a brand synonymous with quality and tradition. Their unwavering pursuit of excellence permeates every aspect of their operation, from meticulously sourcing beans to fostering a deeper appreciation for the beverage through educational initiatives.

Raw Beans

Mokaflor understands that exceptional coffee begins with exceptional beans. They prioritize ethically sourced, high-quality coffee beans that not only deliver rich flavor but are also cultivated with environmental and social responsibility in mind. Partnering with plantations that emphasize sustainable practices like permaculture, Mokaflor ensures a superior final product while supporting the well-being of coffee-growing communities around the world.

Single Roasting

They stay true to the time-tested art of single-origin roasting, a method that allows them to meticulously unlock the unique flavor profile of each bean variety. Unlike faster, more commercially-driven alternatives, this dedication to traditional techniques results in a balanced and nuanced cup that highlights the inherent qualities of the beans.

Espresso Academy

Mokaflor's passion for coffee extends beyond the roasting process. Through their acclaimed Espresso Academy, they equip both coffee professionals and enthusiasts with the knowledge to appreciate the intricacies of this beloved beverage. Their educational programs delve into the impact of processing methods on taste, empowering consumers to make informed choices and elevate their coffee experience.

While Mokaflor cherishes their rich heritage, they also embrace innovation. From establishing a global presence at trade fairs to launching the online platform Caffèlab, they continuously explore ways to enhance the coffee experience for a wider audience. Caffèlab serves as a virtual laboratory, offering specialty coffees alongside the tools needed for optimal extraction methods. This commitment to both tradition and progress has solidified Mokaflor's position as a leader in the Italian coffee industry, ensuring their exceptional coffee continues to delight generations to come.


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