Passalacqua Roastery
Imagine a haven of freshly roasted coffee, its intoxicating aroma filling the air. As you enter the S. Passalacqua factory courtyard, a tranquil oasis unfolds before you, adorned with vibrant magnolias and a climbing rose garden. This idyllic setting reflects the heart and soul of Passalacqua - a family-run business dedicated to crafting exceptional Neapolitan coffee for over 73 years.

Passalacqua's story began in 1948, amidst the post-war reconstruction efforts in Italy. Seeking to provide for his family, Samuele Passalacqua, the company's founder, embarked on a new venture. With an old 5 kg coffee roaster and unwavering determination, he laid the foundation for a thriving coffee legacy.

Today, Passalacqua sources the finest Arabica and Robusta beans from 14 countries around the world, meticulously selecting and blending them to create their signature coffees. Their passion for quality remains unwavering, passed down through four generations.

The Passalacqua family embodies the spirit of their company. Their Neapolitan roots are evident not only in their coffee but also in their work ethic. Rigor, loyalty, and a dedication to community are paramount values, fostering a vibrant working environment. The iconic Passalacqua Indian logo, born from a heartwarming encounter with a young boy visiting the factory, serves as a constant reminder of their humble beginnings and commitment to genuine hospitality.

Passalacqua Espresso

In the 1960s, renowned writer Mario Soldati, after savoring a cup of Passalacqua coffee at the historic Mexico bar in Naples, declared it "the best coffee in Italy." This accolade serves as a testament to Passalacqua's unwavering dedication to preserving the authentic Neapolitan coffee tradition.

Passalacqua remains true to the time-honored methods of Neapolitan coffee making. They utilize classic Neapolitan machines, upholding the techniques cherished by generations of their family. This dedication ensures every cup embodies not just exceptional taste, but also a rich history and a passion for coffee excellence.


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