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Ahmad Tea London

Ahmad Cardamom Black Tea 20 foil tea bags

Ahmad Cardamom Black Tea 20 foil tea bags

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This cardamom black tea is a distinctive and exotic blend that is beloved by fans of Earl Grey and chai spiced teas. It is Ahmad's most popular selling tea in the world -- crafted by skilled Tea Masters using high-quality Kenyan leaves. This results in a mature and crisp flavor, providing the perfect base for the unique herbal and slightly menthol notes of green cardamom. The special cardamom flavor adds a warm and aromatic spiciness that complements the black tea perfectly. With endless possibilities, it can be enjoyed lightly steeped for a more exotic Earl Grey experience, or strong and black with lots of sugar, as commonly done in the Middle East. For a rich and comforting cup, try it well-brewed with a splash of milk, similar to a warm and spicy chai tea.

Individually foil-wrapped teabags maintain peak freshness and deliver maximum flavor in every brew.

Contains Caffeine - Award Winning Taste

Ingredients: Black tea, cardamom flavoring
Packaging: Foil wrapped tea bags in a box

Imported from Asia

How to Brew: For the perfect cup, boil fresh water and pour immediately, infusing for 5-7 minutes.


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