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Enjoue Exquisite French Roast Ground Coffee 8.8oz/250g

Enjoue Exquisite French Roast Ground Coffee 8.8oz/250g

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You're enticed by the fragrance of a skilled chocolatier as it dances through the crisp atmosphere, enveloping your senses. A luxurious coffee blend brings warmth to your spirit, while sophisticated and flavorful notes gracefully glide across your palette. This is Enjoué French Roast -- a decadent and chic brew crafted from beans sourced from Brazil, Ethiopia, Uganda, and India.

Composition: 50% Arabica and 50% Robusta beans
Roast: Dark
Aroma: Chocolate and fine wood
Flavor: Bitter cocoa with a strong body
Packaging: Resealable bag

Imported from Europe

Preparation: Suitable for most coffee preparations, it works well in a classic drip, mokapot or pour over brewer. Try it over ice with a splash of your favorite milk.
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  • Light Roast Coffee Details

    Light Roast

    Roasted for the shortest amount of time, light roast beans retain a higher acidity, resulting in a bright, nuanced flavor with hints of fruit and floral notes. The body is lighter, with a subtle sweetness. Light roasts are preferred by those who appreciate the natural characteristics of the bean origin.

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  • Medium Roast Coffee Details

    Medium Roast

    This is the most popular roast level, striking a balance between acidity and bitterness. The beans develop a richer, fuller body with a smoother taste. Notes of caramel, chocolate, and nuttiness often emerge. Medium roast coffees are versatile and work well for a variety of brewing methods.

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  • Dark Roast Coffee Details

    Dark Roast

    Roasted for the longest duration, dark roast beans are characterized by a bold, intense flavor with a lower acidity. The caramelization process creates a smoky, bittersweet taste with notes of dark chocolate and char. They have a heavier body and are often preferred by those who enjoy a stronger brew.

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