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Jacobs Kronung Ground Coffee 17.6oz/500g

Jacobs Kronung Ground Coffee 17.6oz/500g

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For over 50 years, Jacobs Krönung has remained among the most popular filter coffees in Germany, renowned for its unique and luxurious aroma that delights coffee enthusiasts. Crafted from premium Arabica highland coffee, the beans undergo a meticulous roasting process to extract a full and satisfying aroma, offering the ultimate coffee experience. In the cup, the crowning glory reveals fruity tones with hints of nuts and caramel, making this traditional roasted coffee ideal for those who appreciate a well-balanced and flavorful cup.

Composition: A blend of Arabica and Robusta beans
Roast: Medium
Aroma: Fruity notes with hints of nuts and caramel - nicknamed "the magic aroma"
Flavor: Well balanced and full-bodied
Packaging: Bag

Imported from Europe

Preparation: Suitable for most coffee preparation methods, it works best in a classic drip filter brewer, pour over, or French press. Also works well brewed over ice.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Delicious German coffee.

This is a delicious German coffee that tastes great hot or iced. It is moderately roasted and not dark or light. I like how to me it tastes like milk chocolate or dark chocolate and blends well with milk or cream.

Great Quality!

Amazingly fresh and smooth coffee. Not burnt or weak.

Love this Coffee

My sister and husband lived in Germany for several years and always sent me Jacobs Kronung Coffee. They then moved to England and then back to the states, but they were still able to buy the coffee at commissaries. For 28 years they would send me this coffee. I have a hard drinking other brands of coffee now. It is so smooth, no bitterness. I am thankful I am able to order this coffee from this website, and the delivery time is fast. If you have never tried this coffee, try it you will be hooked on the flavor!
Thank You

Great Coffee, excellent Customer Servce!

For years I brought back Jacobs coffee from my annual travels to Germany. At times - we did run out, so we tried every brand of coffee available to buy here, including gourmet brands costing as much as $16/8 oz. We never found any we really liked. During one of those "desperate" times, I searched the web - and found The customer service is outstanding and prices are the best I found.

Somehow we managed to run out of Jacobs last week - I placed an order with EnjoyBetterCoffee - and thanks to their excellent customer service - 4 days later (ground shipping) we are able to enjoy the smooth taste of this wonderful coffee!
I'm signed up for automatic delivery now and will be benefitting from an addtl. discount.
Another benefit since ordering my favorite coffee from EBC - I have plenty of room in my suitcase to bring back other goodies from my travels to Germany - like chocolate, Lebkuchen, cheeses...
Thank you EnjoyBetterCoffee!

Coffee L.
One of the best Coffee's

I'm from Germany and Jacobs Coffee is one of my favorites. It has a smooth taste and is not bitter. I always use a French Press to make this coffee and it tastes great. I'm glad that I can order this coffee online.

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