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Julius Meinl

Julius Meinl Moro Ciok Drinking Chocolate Packets 10ct

Julius Meinl Moro Ciok Drinking Chocolate Packets 10ct


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This premium chocolate drink powder, made in Northern Italy, is made from 32% pure cocoa. Simply add this powder to milk for a deliciously delicate chocolate flavor. For the perfect treat, add a dollop of whipped cream and a dash of sprinkes to your hot chocolate.

Ingredients: Cocoa powder 32%, sugar, dextrose, salt, aroma. May contain traces of milk and derivatives thereof.
Packaging: 10 single serve pouches in a bag

Imported from Europe

Preparation: Put 1 pouch of chocolate drink powder into a 120ml cup, add cold or hot milk, stir well and enjoy.

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  • Hot Chocolate


    This is the classic hot chocolate. It offers a balanced sweetness and chocolate flavor, often described as milky or creamy.

  • Dark Chocolate


    This hot chocolate will have the most intense chocolate flavor, potentially with a hint of bitterness depending on the cocoa percentage. It may also be less sweet than hot chocolate made with regular chocolate.

  • White Chocolate


    This hot chocolate will be very sweet and creamy, with a subtle vanilla-like flavor. Since white chocolate lacks cocoa solids, it won't have that deep chocolate taste.