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Leroux Regular Instant Chicory 7oz/200g

Leroux Regular Instant Chicory 7oz/200g

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Leroux Instant Chicory offers a soluble powder form of 100% natural, caffeine-free chicory extract, exclusively grown in northern France. The spray-drying process allows for instant incorporation in water or milk, making it versatile for use in hot or cold drinks, as well as mixed with other ingredients in both sweet and savory dishes. With a delicate caramel flavor and rich notes of hazelnut and crème brulée, this chicory adds a full-bodied and gourmet taste to your creations.

Ingredients: 100% instant chicory
Flavor: Hints of caramel, hazelnut and crème brulée
Packaging: Jar

Imported from Europe

Preparation: Dissolves well in hot or cold drinks, and can also be used in sauces, baked goods, and savory dishes.

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Customer Reviews

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Steve S.

good produuct

brian b.

Great for CKD.

Hard to find

This chicory product can be hard to find. I'll be buying from here from now on. Thank you for such great service! I can't handle caffeine well these days so I drink this instant chicory as a coffee alternative every morning.