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Sant Eustachio

Sant'Eustachio Ground Coffee Nespresso Capsules 5g

Sant'Eustachio Ground Coffee Nespresso Capsules 5g

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The iconic Sant'Eustachio blend is carefully crafted by selecting the best beans of the harvest at the source to ensure the highest quality. Since 1938, they have exclusively used superior 100% Arabica coffee from South American farms, expertly blending different origins to achieve a balanced and mild taste. This coffee is wood roasted using traditional methods, resulting in a smooth and gentle flavor that can be enjoyed at any time of the day due to its low caffeine content. The majority of farms from which Sant'Eustachio sources are certified Fair Trade by FLO.

Composition: 100% Arabica beans
Roast: Medium
Aroma: Mild and inviting
Flavor: Smooth and balanced
Packaging: Individually wrapped capsules in a bag (10ct) or box (100ct)

Imported from Europe

Preparation: For use in Nespresso Original Line machines only. Try a shot or two poured over your favorite ice cream!
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Customer Reviews

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Coffee naturally low in caffeine, for Espresso

Another big Italian brand comes to mind - Illy . Not saying they taste exactly the same. The similarity is both very popular Italian espresso coffee are 100% arabica selected for lowered caffeine. Just a guess , maybe 40 mcg of caffeine per espresso rather than non select arabica at 60 mcg or robusta blends at 100+ mcg.
Aside, have run through cases of non-nespresso brand capsules from enjoy better coffee. 10 X 12 per case X 4 per year X several years in a Delonghi Latissima. There is no "capsule issue" with any of the brands.

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