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Tchibo Exclusive Ground Coffee 8.8oz/250g

Tchibo Exclusive Ground Coffee 8.8oz/250g

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Exclusive features a delicate aroma and harmonious flavor that provide an exceptional, balanced cup. This blend is carefully crafted by Tchibo's coffee experts using the finest Arabica bean, and tempered with bold Robusta beans for a nice body. Each variety is roasted separately to enhance its unique flavors and elevate your coffee moments. Savor the expertise and dedication to coffee in every cup of Tchibo Exclusive.

Composition: A blend of Arabica and Robusta beans
Roast: Medium
Aroma: Delicate and balanced
Flavor: Harmonious and smooth
Packaging: Bag

Imported from Europe

Preparation: Suitable for most classic coffee brewing methods including filter drip, pour over, and French press.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

German coffee doesn't have the strong burned taste and it is not too acidic or aggressive on the stomach. The taste is strong and aromatic if prepared right. A cone filter and a good drip machine is a must to get the full " German experience" . I love the Exclusive for its strong, full bodied and smooth aroma. It is strong enough to hold its own even when made into cappuchinos and macchiato's


This coffee is so consistantly good it will surprise you.A must have very mild on the stoach.

Worth the price

This is excellent makes great espresso/cappuchino or in the regular coffee pot. Smooth almost chocolatey.

Robert N.
A must try

Tchibo Excusive is a truly wonderful coffee. Deep and full bodied, very aromatic in the bag and when brewing, and delicious in the cup. This has become a "must keep" in my coffee rotation.

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