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Maison Andresy

LTP - Andresy Instants Chocolate Powder Packets

LTP - Andresy Instants Chocolate Powder Packets

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Only the finest cocoa beans are selected to produce this traditional chocolate. Powerfully flavorful, the richness of its body yields undertones of fruitiness, which blend with the natural vanilla for a subtle and smooth finish. The careful roasting of the beans selected from renowned provenances brings out the natural aroma of the cocoa beans ripened in the tropics. Created with only three ingredients, Andresy Instants Chocolate is all-natural and contains no alkali. Just add milk or soy, and enjoy!

Size: 20g per packet
Packaging: Packets in a bag (10ct) or box (100ct)

Imported from Europe


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Pour powder, add hot water, stir, Enjoy!

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  • Hot Chocolate


    This is the classic hot chocolate. It offers a balanced sweetness and chocolate flavor, often described as milky or creamy.

  • Dark Chocolate


    This hot chocolate will have the most intense chocolate flavor, potentially with a hint of bitterness depending on the cocoa percentage. It may also be less sweet than hot chocolate made with regular chocolate.

  • White Chocolate


    This hot chocolate will be very sweet and creamy, with a subtle vanilla-like flavor. Since white chocolate lacks cocoa solids, it won't have that deep chocolate taste.